Saturday, February 7, 2009

All these baby's..

Wish i had something intersesting to write about a pregnancy but i don't.. lol. I just got done reading mi's blog then liz's blog and all i can say is " oh the joy's of being pregnant.." don't miss it a bit. lol.
Today wasn't that spunky at our house. We did however buy a new stove finally. I love it. It's a flat top one and it's great. Allan put it in for me today and tinkered in the basement for a while. We all had a wonderful lunch from KFC. Yummy. Lilly was covered in beans from head to toes. She just loves beans. So she went straight to the tub. She is learnign how to move around so much better. She was going nuts in the tub when liz called and said she was going to go to the hospital and asked if i'd come watch the kidos. So We threw some clothes on lilly and ran over. Lilly had a blast playing at her cousins house. I'd say playing with her cousins but she was really just more interested in all their fun new toys. lol. Like i said she is learning how to move. Well she must of got a quick lesson from jake while i wasn't looking cause the next thing i know she is climbing up on their picnic table and standing up so excited that she could climb. Every time i wasn't looking I'd find her on top of the table or trying to climb up on a chair or once she even tried to stand up in the back of jake's dump truck. Silly girl. I swatted her three times at least for climbing on the table and nothing was working. I have my hands full with this little girl right now. She did have fun palling around with jake though. maddie was being the big girl the whole time. She painted lots of sheets for me while i chased the other two around. Anyway It's after ten and i'm pooped so off to bed i go. Please keep these pregnant ladies in your prayers the next few weeks. They are getting to the tough last stage of it. It will all be worth it in a few weeks but the last few before you see that tiny face can sure be hard.

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