Monday, February 9, 2009

prayer request.

Please keep my mom in your prayers. She got bit by something they think maybe a spider or who knows. Anyway yesterday i had to take her to instant care and they started her on some very strong antibiotics and marked the big swollen spot on her leg. They said if it grew anymore then she needed to go to the hospital. It grew about half an inch before she got her first dose of the antibiotics. It hasn't grown since then but she has another doctor apt today at 345pm. I'm hoping she just needs to stay on these antibiotics for a week or so and everything will be fine. It sure was running thru her system though. She had a fever of a 101.4 yesterday and i think it has almost gone away today and she is looking a little healthier but it has made today hard. Plus it's snowing a ton right now. YUCK! So i had a test this morning and allan had to stay home with lilly while i went to class. I made a 100 though! yeah for that! I"m suppose to take the truck in to get steps put on the side today at noon. I have to take lilly with me but they said it only takes an hour thank goodness. I have to go to the store today too for a baby gate. Lilly has to go to the sitter for the first time tomorrow. She has had very few experiences with babysitters. I"m scared cause it's suppose to be for 10 hours. It's my good friend lynn and she has kids and watches one other little boy that is lilly's age so she should have people to play with. However, lynn has steps goign up and down in her house and only one baby gate so i thought i would bring over one more cause of lilly wanting to climb everything rightt now. It's crazy! So we have quite the busy day today. So keep little lilly in your prayers too. She jsut has to be a big girl tomorrow but i'm really nervous about it.

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