Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oh i did forget the big news..

Yes we are going to texas in a few weeks. Yep mom, aaron, lilly, and I are hoping on a plane from denver to san antonio, tx. I can't wait. It's my spring break so instead of sitting here doing nothing and thinking about all the chores that i should be doing I'll be sitting on the dock at the bay. lol. YEah! My granparents house is awesome. You open their backdoor and there's the water. I plan on wearing some shorts and tank tops if it's nice enough. I really am missing my flip flops to so i guess i'll throw those in the bag too. hehe.. I need a pick me up. This wyoming winter just drags and drags onward forever. We keep talking about plans after i get out of school. We are definetly going to stay here till i'm out of school but i think after i'm done we may spread our wings a little. We both don't really love it here. So we will have to see what nursing jobs are available in the country and maybe what schools are around for allan to go to cause he wants to go back to school. I don't know we will see i guess. ANything is possible.

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