Tuesday, February 17, 2009

We got one! hehe

We bought a wii. Everyone has been playing them lately and we wanted to see what we were missing. We really aren't into video games at all, but i have to say the wii is alot of fun and they are more oriented to family games i think. They have a lot of little kid games and the ones that come with the wii are things like bowling, tennis, golf, baseball. They are really fun. Some of our friends have a wii bowling leauge for couples so we are going to practice up and maybe show up there one night. lol. I can say wholeheartedly (from a nonvideo game player) that i really enjoyed the wii. My right arm is so sore today lol. So far we haven't thrown the remote thru our tv or had any wii accidents. ;-)
i suggest a wii to everyone that would like some fun games for at home. Especially if you aren't into all the video gaming stuff. There's some really crapy things out there but i think the wii is geared towards family fun.

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Jennifer said...

I am not into video games at all and I like the wii alot. I have been tossing the idea around alot to get one. My sister Autumn has one and she just got the wii fit. She loves it! Emma has a blast playing mariokart when she goes to Autumns LOL