Thursday, February 26, 2009

Is it spring break yet?

I'm so ready for it to be spring break. I"m just not into the class work. I don't want to study. I want to quit!lol.. Not really but i'm going thru a blah blah blah stage i guess. I think that a nice break will do just the trick. I can't wait to go to texas. We leave on the 7th and get back on the 12th. I looked up the weather and it's going to be 77 the day we get there. That's a big difference from the 30's and 40's we are having. I think we are suppose to get up to the 50's in the next few days but still 77 is warm. YEAH!!
I have to get out some spring clothes to take with me and go thru lilly's little bag and see what all she has to take. I have 18 month clothes that are for warm weather but i think they will be too big right now so i may have to go buy a few rompers or something. i did get her a little bathing suit but she has no cute dresses or outfits for warm weather that she can fit in right now. She does have t shirts and jeans so she can wear those for a couple of the days but i think we may have to do a bit of shopping. Anything to avoid the studying. lol.. Once upon a child hasn't had a visit from us in the last while so we may have to hit that up later today or tomorrow. I think mom may be going on a women's retreat with her church this weekend. Allan got called out at 4am this morning so i know he is going to be tired when he comes home today. I'm planning on having some sloppy joes made up for dinner and maybe we will watch lost and just go to bed early. I'm pretty pooped too. Lilly has been going full blast the last couple of days. She is really good about taking her naps though. ;-) She was trying to help me clean today. She was so interested in the broom and dust pan trying to hold them the right way and everything. If she gets better at it i'm going to have to give her a chore list. lol..
Anyway hope everyone has a nice weekend!

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Jennifer said...

I dunno how you guys take that cold weather. It is getting into the mid to high 80's here. We turned on our ac today LOL Emma has been wearin shorts and t's to school all week. Although I guess we will be suffering in a couple more months when the triple digits get here LOL