Sunday, March 1, 2009


It's been a busy one around here today. We bought a new gun this weekend. Allan has wanted a hand gun and since no one really knows for sure what is to come with this new president and gun control or whatever we decided to get one. We took it out and shot it today. It was fun. We also shot my little 22. Allan got a 45. We had fun doing that. We cleaned i think every inch of the house this weekend. We also put up lilly's jumper and got her a little dora couch that she seems to like. We also put her crib away and got her toddler bed all set up. She is sleeping in it right now. She is getting to be big girl. She of course fell off her bed head first. Allan and I were both standing right there and neither one of us went to catch her. I guess we both figured she was going to have to learn the hard way not the jump and dive off of it. She cried for a minute but luckily those thing aren't very high off the ground so it wasn't that bad. We put her down for her nap and she was so tired. We thought for sure she would get up a million times but she didn't She stayed right there drinking her bottle. She eventually feel asleep. She still has all the same blankents that were in her crib and her animals that she sleeps with so i think that comforted her. She has been asleep for almost an hour. It's 5pm though so i'm going to have to go wake her up soon so she doesn't sleep the whole night thru. I did one o f my midterms that was online. I got a 96 for it. IT was my Pharmacology class. I think i will have an A in there. The other class i will probably end up with a B in but that's okay for midway thru this semester. Spring break is next week. We leave for Texas on Saturday. I have gotten some little outfits for lilly. Just a couple little dresses in 12 months. She hasn't quite made it to the 18 month clothes yet so i just got a couple things for texas. Some sandals for her too. They are so cute. I can't wait for summer now. Mom had a good time at her retreat and feelslike she made some good friends at church. I'm glad cause she needs some good girlfriends here. Friends can make all the difference in a new place. I'm sure having aaron and I close to her is a comfort but it's not the same as having some of your own friends to talk to about things.
Anyway I'm going to go get ready for dinner. I think allan and I are going to on the border tonight. yummy. I love that place. ;-)

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