Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It's been a long day..

Today i had clinicals and i had to miss half a day. I was so worn out and just coughing all over people so i decided to go home half way thru the day. Mom and lilly were happy to see me come home early. It didn't do me much good cause lilly wanted to play. I have no idea where she got her energy but she didn't take a nap all day till 4pm. She woke up at 630 am so that was a little unusual for her. She has so many teeth coming in right now though. I picked up some baby popsicles for her. Liz suggested some little ones called mighty bites or something like that. They are little and they have something in them that make them melt slower so they are a little less messy. I"m goign to try her on one tomorrow and see how that goes. Allan is trying to get her to go to bed right now. We had a grocery run at 830pm. I decided that would be a great time to go always. I was in and out of the superwalmart in no time flat. No lines.. it was great! We are both doing our march madness brackets. I"m excited that a few different teams made it in. Allan is excited that North Dakota state made it in. Anyway i hear lilly crying so i better go check in on them.

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