Saturday, March 21, 2009

Lilly is playing mommy now..

Yes here are some pictures of lilly pushing her baby in the stroller. She is so funny with her little doll who's name is " baby." Buddah tried to bite baby's leg and lilly chewed him out good. lol.. We are busy today. Everyone is still fighting the cough and sniffles but trying to enjoy this 70 degree day. WE have been in the yard most of the morning. We dumped some dirt and are straightening out our yard in front. We have to plant some grass over it but it's is suppose to snow this week so i'll do it after the snow. We dug up our window wells and straightened them out too. Ithink we may go out and shoot our guns today. I have a bit of running around to do also. Next week is our big math test. So say a little prayer for me and the other girls if you think about it. It's on wed and if we don't pass it you are kicked out of the program. YIKEs.. I think i will do fine but i have a few friends that i'm wondering how they will do.

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