Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Well today was productive.

I ad class from 8 till 10am and then i came home did two online tests and played with lilly. I met allan for lunch and we talked about vacation plans yet again for this summer. We both really need a break.. Anyway he said that he would rather go to alabama and see his family down there than go to his 10 year reunion. His cousin is getting married so that seemed like the perfect time to go visit since everyone will be around for the wedding. So i spent the next part of the day finding out if emma could go with us and looking at flights and package deals. So i think we are a go for that now. We will be traveling with two kido's but it looks like it's going to happen in july. I'll post for sure when we buy our tickets.
Sandy came over today and played with lilly for a little bit. I was so proud of how lilly just went right to her this time. IN the past lilly would never really go to any of allan's family. I guess just cause she didn't get to see them enough or maybe she was just to little and visits were few and far between.. i don't know. Anyway, lately she has been getting to see all of them more often and today lilly was crawling all over sandy. It was really cute. Lilly fell asleep rocking on her horse and i wish i had of videotaped that. lol.. she was rocking and had been sticking her tongue out at sandy a bunch and so she finally started closing her eyes and leaning to one side like she might fall off the horse.. she was sleeping then she would jump awake and start sticking out her tongue then fall back asleep. KIds are hilarious when and where and how they fall asleep just amazes me sometimes.
So anyway i made spaghetti for dinner. NOthing fancy but it fed everyone and i sent a big bowl of it over to liz's house to keep them in food too right now. maddie and jake are really cute over there running around in there pj's. Then i went to the grocery store and i finally settled in a watched lost on the couch with allan. So it's definetly bedtime now. Goodnight! oh the pictures at the top are the ones of lilly in her papsan chair.. (strainer)

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Jennifer said...

The pictures are too freakin funny!! Kids so some of the craziest things and they think it is so normal!