Tuesday, September 2, 2008

classes classes classes

Well i'm into my second week of nursing school. It is going really well now. I went in today and learned how to do a physical assesment. From head to toe. There were 30 some pages of check offs but we got it down to 3 pages and by the end of class i think i have a good hang of it. I haven't practiced on the sim doll they have. It breaths, has stomach sounds, has a blood pressure.. you can imagine. lol I practiced on some other girls in the lab and got it down pretty good for the first day. They give us two weeks to check off on this first thing. I"m going to try to check off by the end of the week cause next week we start learning a whole new skill. YIkes. I think it's the NG tubing.(nose tubes)..

Tonight i'm going over to muffy and jason's to babysit jordan. They have never asked me to babysit and i'm not sure why they asked this time. I think they both have to do something tonight but usually they have an overabundance of sitters. I said yes cause allan is out of town and i don't have any homework other than reading or practicing my stuff.

I went to the farmers market again and picked up some corn and yummy bread. I also found a nice consignment store. Some of the other girls in the nursing program wanted to go check it out so we went and had lunch at johnny j's and then checked out the two tymers store here in town. I found a couple of nice sweaters. I don't have enough. All the ones i had were prego ones including my coat. So i have to get prepared again for winter.

Allan had to go out of town till probably thursday and then leave again on friday i guess till next friday. I'm hoping they give him enough time to get back to casper cause Sat. morning allan, nolan, and wade are suppose to go to the wy vs north dakota state game. I know allan is really looking forward to this game. I'm excited for him to get to go..

Anyway I'm going to go lay down for five seconds before i have baby duty tonight! OH Lilly has been loving her play pen. We took the high part off and now she can just sit inside it and has a bunch of toys and she stands up and holds on to the sides. She loves it.!! I feel a little like i'm putting her in a dog cage or something but she just loves it. lol..

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