Saturday, September 20, 2008

I've been trying new things...

Yeah as you can see i've been working on my blog. Today i took off from studying. We had a very good time last night with some new friends. I have a lab partner named natasha and her husband was a marine for 12 years.. anyway we invited them over for dinner and a fire. It was alot of fun and i think the boys hit it off. Yeah! I'm always glad when allan likes the husbands of my friends. Besides natasha is my lab partner so we are going to be seeing alot of each other for the next two years. lol..
Lilly is worn out today. She is taking a little nap. She kept falling asleep in my lap while i was working on the blog so she finally got ot go to her bad and she was very happy to see it i think.
I feel in the fall mood today. I changed the things on my door and porch to atumn welcome signs and stuff. Allan went hunting with his dad and nolan this morning. They still aren't back yet. Mom is out shopping a little and aaron is playing his new playstation 3. So i'm having a quite moment which is rare around here. I guess i'm going to go enjoy it.

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