Sunday, September 28, 2008

Weekend Update

Well i was suppose to be studying my butt off this weekend but it just hasn't happpened. I did study and do all the math because i have a test in that first thing in the morning tomorrow. I haven't studied at all for my other big test which is at 9 tomorrow.. So that's what i'm planning on doing today. Cramming! not reccommended but you gotta do what you gotta do. lol. I went to rawlins to see allan on friday night. He needed some cheering up and was down there working so i came down and we had dinnner and stayed the night down there. I can say honestly that i wasn't missing much by never seeing rawlins till now. Haha. It's a tad bit ghetto down there. I have realized that i am getting to know people. Yep we have officialy made a ton of friends i think ( well i don't know about friends but we know alot of people know).. Yep rawlins is about 2 hours away and would you know i knew the girl that was checking us in to the hotel. lol.. weird.
Yesterday allan left for montana. He should be up there till tuesday night maybe longer. NOt really sure. He has alot to do on that rig so we will see when he comes home.
Lilly has her 9 month check up on thursday. It's okay though cause she doesn't have to get any shots this time. At least that is what the doc told me last time, i hope he meant it. Lilly is defiently teething now. I can feel one top tooth for sure but i think there are two. I'm hoping they come in a pair anyway. She doesn't want to sleep at all and is a bucket full of drool. poor girl. She will look so cute with top teeth though. lol
Mom gets a day of beauty for being such a great sitter for lilly. She has taken such good care of lilly. Lilly just loves grandma LALA. It's sweet. So I made mom an apt for a whole day of treatments. She gets her nails and toes done, and deep conditioning on her hair and it styled, and a facial.. i dont' know what else but they bring her lunch too from the cheese barrel which is a place i really like.
She was very excited and it gave her something fun to look forward to.
Aaron has been working hard still. Loving his pay days. lol.. He gives me 100 bucks a month. I wasn't really sure what to do with the money but i decided i was goign to put it in lilly's piggy bank. It's to help with her school or first car or i don't know just yet but something important later on. There is about 150 bucks so far from change but i figure aaron's monthly input will really make a difference there. So she has an educational fund i guess. lol
Lilly has been dancing everytime there is any music on. But you can tell which sons are her favorites. She likes aarons hip hop.
So here i go to do more laundry and hopefully start some studying. I think mom and aaron are going to take lilly out to lunch and to the mall today so i can get some hours in on the books.
Have a great rest of the weekend!

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