Thursday, October 2, 2008

Lilly update

Well she is definetly teething. LoL. We had her 9 month checkup today. She weighed in at 17 lbs and she is 28 inches long. So that puts her in the 75% for height and the 25% for weight. She was tugging at her ears and so i had the doctor look at them but like i thought he said it was just cause she was teething. He noticed that lilly had two bruises on her forehead.. lol.. i swear she needs a helmet right now. She is furniture walking and just not very coordinated yet. When i told him she was walking holding on to furniture he said that he thinks she will be an early walker. He said she is a couple months ahead of schedule as is. Smart little independant cookie i have. LOL. So he said she is healthy and should come back to get a flu shot next month. I guess they are recommending it for all kids under 9 now?? something like that. I also asked the nurse how much they start their nurses at there because i hear working in the office is alot less money than the hospital. Which makes sense i suppose. It's alot easier of a job with nice hours. She said you could expect 18-20 bucks an hour.Not that bad considering the hospital is hiring new grads for 25.
Anyway, It's late so i'm off to bed. Lilly has been sleeping better the last coupe nights so i'm hoping she keeps it up tonight.
Have a good weekend you all!

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Anonymous said...

Just wait till she starts running LOL I think I have told you before but Emma started walking between 9 and 10 months. There was no stopping her!! How is everything going good??