Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I can't keep up

I'm in the middle of painting kitchen cabinets. Probably shouldn't of started that one yet. LOL.. I just learned at school that I"m going to the rehabilitation center for my first clinical rotation. I spend 4 weeks there then i switch to the hospital for the last two weeks of the semester and pick back up there in the spring semester. Midterm grades are out for one class. I have a 91% which is the lowest A you can have. Hey, it's still and A right? haha
Lilly is teething bad right now. These top two teeth just don't want to come in. I think one is barely breaking the skin. I can't see it too good but i think i see a speck of white. She is pissy all day and last night she woke up for a good hour or two in the middle of the night and would not calm down for anything. So i'm running on zero energy.
Okay i'm done complaining. I'm going to the library tonight so i can start on my 6 page paper for an issues in nursing class that will thankfully be over in november! One down. I still have a 100% in math so far. Yeahhh.. !
Mom is doing some running around today. I think she needed some time away from the house and from lilly. She is quite the handful right now. So she is out doing osme errands. Hopefully she will do something fun for herself too.
Anyway i'm going to go relax while lilly is finally down for a nap. wheeww exhausting little thing.

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