Friday, October 10, 2008

ghost story? maybe

Okay so my friend muffy went on a minivacation to deadwood a week or so ago. I visited with her two days ago and she told me it was the weirdest trip they had ever taken. She said that she has never believed in ghosts or anything like that. Well she said that changed with this trip. They went with a few other couples. While they were in their room they were taking group pictures and i'll post two of them on here. They said something strange happened in one photo. You can see their friend is outlined in black. Totally covered in black. They took it downstairs and the hotel person said" are you in room 203?" They sad yes and she told them it was the hotel ghost. Supposedly he jumps in pictures. There is a book in the hotel on all the stunts he has played on the visitors. They blew it off but later that night her and jason were coming back to the room and the other couple were already in there asleep. Muffy had a key but the door wasn't opening really. She gave it a push and two chairs on the other side were stacked one on top of each other holding the door closed. The other couple woke up in the comotion and they swore they didn't do it. Muffy said she believed them cause the girl got freaked out and started crying.
So here are two pics they took in the room.. one is normal the other isn't??
I have my own thoughts on these kind of things but i want to here yours.. Send me an email if you want. or post it here. Do you believe in ghosts? angels and demons? both? something else? an overhyper imagination?
i'm interested..


thekeyes said...

i should add that muffy is a totally resonable adult. lol if jason told me the story i'd question it but muffy is believable. lol.. i'd think jason was pulling one on me for sure. lol

Anonymous said...

I am really not sure what my feelings towards ghosts are, but I have definitely had experiences that have me leaning towards their existance.