Friday, October 17, 2008

when it rains it pours right?

Doesn't it always seem like bad things come in three or when it rains it pours? Lol.. I'm sure those are superstitions but they seem pretty acurate sometimes. Aaron has been driving our honda and he came home from work with a huge crack in the windshield. Well it's under the deductible so we have to pay for it. He said it wasn't there when he went into work but it was there after work. We think it was just a chip that spread or something. So that will cost us about 240 buckaroo's. Yuck.. Well very next day aaron took the honda and went into the gas station down on the corner when he was walking out of the store he saw a girl back into our car. She was 16 and talking on the cell phone imagine that... Ha! So their insurance is going to pay for it. I have to take it in for estimates today. It's drivable but it's going to need a new bumper now.
So i went to the doctor first and had to be put on high blood pressure medicine. I can't remember if i wrote anything abou thtis now or not. It was last week. My blood pressure is still high but they think it may hae been my birth control causing it Soooo I'm switching that now and praying that the medicine for the high blood pressure will do the job. Allan decidedhe needed an apt too cause his knee has been really bothering him. They told him he may have a baker's cyst in the back of it. The prescribed him something too..
So yes it kinda seems like when it rains it pours.
However on a good note, My cabinets in the kitchen are coming along nicely. I've been painting them white because they were so dark. So i'm giving the kitchen a facelift slowly but surely. It's my little project. Usually allan steps in and does it but I'm doing this one. ;-)
Another good note is that i'm on fall break. I don't have classes till wed. and then I'm off again till next monday! The wed class is only two hours in the morning.
Lilly is doing good. The teeth still haven't came thru very much but she is working on it i guess. She is crawling and walking all around the furniture. She diggs thru her toy box. It's cute. She also has started to notice the pictures on the wall. She loves for you to hold her and tell her who each picture is. I mean she bounces and screams with joy. She loves the pictures. You can't walk down the hall without her turning towards them and hollering. lol.. When she is tired she will tilt her head on your shoulder after you tell her a name. It's very cute.

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