Friday, October 17, 2008

yeah it's still pouring

Too add to my rainfall of crap.. lilly got stung by a bee today and mom's account got hacked into and it sent out emails to everyone asking for 2500 bucks for some bullcrap. It seems to never end right now. Oh and i got into a pissing match with a nurse that works at community health center. She was so rude to me and in the long run couldn't answer my questions anyway. Eventually she called me back and apologized for "all this". WHATEVER!!!! Oh and the rig allan is working on was suppose to be a quick fix but the whole rig is down so he won't be home tonight unless it's really late. Yeah..not.
arrggg can you tell i'm a little peeved at the moment. lol. I'm hoping to go to bingo tonight with some friends and forget this day. Not sure that is going to happen though

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