Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I can't believe some people...

So we had a long day in class today. We had lecture for two hours this morning. Then at 1pm we had to be back in class because we all had to give presentations on the places we went and interviewed. I interviewed the child development center. There were at least 50 places that were interviewed. They were all places that help people in different areas like the alzheimer center, the diabetes care center, youth crisis, anyway we were in there for 4 hours. I understand the idea behind this is to give us an idea of where we can refer people to get help when we are nurses. The last group had a presentation on safe kids program. They said that if you see someone who has left their kids in their car at walmart or somewhere then you could call safe kids instead of the police. Well it's very ironic that they went last.

About 5 minutes before they went, the instructor came in and asked if anyone was driving a certain color make and model car.. No one claimed it. We thougth someone had left their lights on. Nope After class there was a small gathering at this car and the campus police had been called. A girl from our class came to that car and unlocked it. This girl had a baby the second week we were in class. Can you believe she left this tiny baby that can't be more than 2 months old and a toddler in the car for 4 HOURS. She is studying to be a nurse. I have talked to her. She doesn't seem crazy, pretty normal in fact. I just couldn't believe anyone could do that. I mean you hear about it all the time, but to see it or have it be someone you know??? I'm hoping they will kick her out of the program to say the least and someone needs to think about taking those children. I'm pretty sure the casper police were being called. All i can guess is that maybe she had post partum depression and wasn't thinking correctly? I don't know.

Anyway,how about that presidential debate? I thought John Mcain did very well. He's a fiesty old guy for sure. I'm not sure picking sarah Palin will help him in the end but who knows. It sure was interesting to watch. I didn't get to watch it all the way thru cause i had lilly duty and she was so upset tonight. Poor thing. Her tooth is poking thru for sure now.

She is down now and I'm headed to bed too. I have to go to the hospital tomorrow for orientation.
Good night you all

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Anonymous said...

omg I am pissed just reading this!! It actually happens a lot down here...and in the summer no less!! I can't believe some people could be so heartless to leave their babies in a car..and for that long!! Did you hear anything today as to what happened to their mother?