Wednesday, October 8, 2008

We had a good anniversary

We went to firerock and i didn't cut my finger this time. Allan cut the bread. To tell you the truth i think the restaruant was overrated. It was pretty but the food wasn't anything to write home about. lol.
I've been running around everywehre lately. Doc appointments and interviews at help centers around town for school. Plus i'm signing off on my last checkout for this semster tomorrow so i had to go into the lab to practice. I have a huge test on monday too. wheewww. busy lady i have been.
I stopped by our friends muffy and jason. Jordan there 1 year old is walking now. She runs more than walks but she was such a cute kid. She just pulled on me to pick her up and wanted to play. It was very cute. REally friendly child. ;-)

Allan is still out of town. He was only home for our anniversary and now he is back on the road at another rig that has some major problem. YUCK!!! I'm hoping he will be home tomorrow. We'll see.

I'm so tired. Lilly didnt' go to bed till 930 tonight and i had such a busy day i think it's past my bedtime too. In fact i don't even know if this post is making any sense that's how tired i am. So i'm going to sign off. Good night all. Thanks to those who voted on my poll. I'm thiking obama is going to be the president. We will see what happens i guess. They are always very interesting to watch . I like seeing the states going red or blue. lol..
Goodnight All!

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