Saturday, October 4, 2008

HELPPPPPP I need a stitch!

So we had a date night last night. Or at least we tried to have one. We wanted to go somewhere nice for dinner but we hadn't planned anything out so we went by the new asian bistro in town called "lime leaf". It was so crowded. So allan suggested that we finally go to firerock ( which is a fancy steakhouse here in town). We have never been and so we thought sure why not. We went in and it has a gorgeous atmosphere. WE got seated right away. WE decided to splurge and get what we really wanted on the menu and not worry about the price because we had wanted to come here for so long. So allan ordered their organic ribeye which happened to be the most expensive steak on the menu... ( caN'T HELP NOTICING THE PRICES LOL) I ordered a filet. They brought us two salads and we took a couple bites and they brought us this wonderful looking loaf of bread. YUMMMY! I'm a bread girl. So i was cutting a piece off and and asking allan if he would like a piece and i slice thru my thumb. I should of probably led this story off by telling you in school we are practicing wound care and packing these huge gapping sore with wet to dry dressings and blah blah blah.. Well i looked at my thumb which was gushing blood by this point and i blurted out.." i need a stitch." Allan said "what are you serious?" I went to the bathroom holding my thumb in my other hand and by the time i got in the bathroom my whole other hand was filled with blood. i ran my thumb under water so i could see how bad the cut was. It was a really clean cut but looked pretty deep and there was a ton of blood . So allan canceled our order and called mom to tell her we were going into the ER to get stitches. WEll i was applying pressure the whole way there and half way there i decided to peak. Guess what? It had totally stopped bleeding. Allan couldn't stop laughing at me. He siad the new phrase of the day is.. " i need a stitch." I guess he thought is was hilarious because i didn't say i need stitches i just apparently needed only 1 stitch.
We ended up having a nice dinner at the lime leaf with no stitches (not even 1) and it is very yummy food there too.
Allan got called into work today. I'm going to take lilly on some errands today. She needs to get out a bit. So we are going to hit up walmart and a few other spots.
Then i'm going to study flash cards till allan comes home. Oh and i need to make some lasagna for monday. Yummy!

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Anonymous said...

LOL Too funny!! I would have freaked out when I saw blood. I don't have a stomache at all when it comes to blood!