Friday, September 5, 2008

busy weekend plans

I made it thru the second week of nursing school. Next week i have to do my first check off( that's where i have to perform the skills in front of an instructor). WE have alot going on this weekend. Allanhas to go to utah for a week on sunday. boo.. Then when he comes back it's time for him to go to the football game with the boys. Yeah!
Lilly is trying to crawl. She scoots on her belly around the floor. mostly backwards and not to much forwards. She gets really happy about it though. So it should be any old day now when she takes off crawling. I have a picture that i'll try to post tomorrow.It's of mom sitting on the floor and lilly started by her and you can see where she ended up. lol.. I'm super tired or i would download it tonight and post it. I"m off to bed though cause i have to practice practice practice this weekend. We also have a birthday party to go to. Jordan is turning 1 year old.
oh lilly is stirring,,,,

okay it's morning and i'm editing this post to include the pics of lilly scooting. here they are!

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