Friday, September 19, 2008

harvest blessings

Allan's job is still going really well. It's hard to adjust to his schedule (which is just on call all the time) but it's going good. Thank you lord! Aaron got a raise at menards already. It was a 50 cents raise but it sure made him happy. He also got his first pay check and it made the work feel worth it of course. Now on days when he is off he is wanting to be at work. Funny huh? I'm doing really good in my classes so far which is a bit amazing to me. I mean i study all the time andpractice alot but i really didn't know if i would make it past the first week and i'm starting week 4 so i'm staying positive. Lilly is still trying to well i'd say crawl but you can tell she just wants to walk. She puts her feet up so it's not on her elbows and knees it's more feet and hands. lol.. Mom woke up saying she just had a great feeling when she woke up that everything was going to be alright! Praise god. I feel like we just have so much to be thankful for right now. Oh and i took yesterday off from studying and went to bingo and won 150 dollars the neighbor that went with me won 125 too. So today i have a happy song in my heart and i'm really just praising the lord for so many wonderful blessings in my life right now. I encourage you all to stop and give thanks today for all your blessings and maybe put some up on your blogs if you want to share them.
Have a great day cause this is the day the lord has made!

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