Monday, September 15, 2008

Practice makes perfect!!!

Okay i haven't written in a long while. lol.. I've been super busy practicing all my nursing stuff and doing homework. I'm doing pretty good. I have made 100's on my first two checkouts with the instructor. So i can do a physical assesment and i can put in a nasalgrastic tube perfectly. lol.. I am the only one that made a 100 on either one so far. I took my first math test and freaked out because i thought it was super easy and then i got my grade an had made a 70%.. 80 is what you have to have to pass in nursing school... SOOOO... i studied alot and took my second one today which was harder and i made a 100. woohoo! So i'm okay with it now!
I took my first test in the nursing process class which is our big lecture class and i'm still waiting for the results. I didn't make a 100 but i'm expecting a high b if not A. So all in all it's going real well but it's very time consuming and i have to just put away a day to do what i want to do or i get totally burned out. Having mom here is such a blessing and i really don't think i could be doing it without here.
Lilly is a crawler! Yep she has taken a few little crawling steps. She doesn't full on go but if there is something she wants to get to she will get up on all fours and lunge for it a few times till she gets there. lol.. So i expect in the next month she will be full out crawling probably. When she is trying to crawl she puts her foot down straight like she is trying to stand up on it. So we will see how longshe crawls but i think it could be a quick transition to walking.
I'm learning how to give medicine this week. How to pass narcotics and basically just how to give shots and all the different kinds of shots i can give.. intramuscular, subcuntaneous, oral meds, blah blah blah. lol.. I'm excited about it.
I'll try to write more soon but i'm a tired mama right now. Hope everyone is doing well.

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