Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Poor thing..

Yes this walking thing is hard. Lilly got stuck between a box and a hard lace last night. Well i pushed the box out of the way and very quickly her head hit the coffee table corner. She has only bumped into the coffee table probably in the millions of times. So the coffee table is now in the garage and she has been walking quite a bit today. Last night she was walking from me to her dad or to her grandma lala. Today however she has been doing it on her own a few times and only a few feet at a time. Just randomly walking. YEAH!! I'm so proud. She does have alittle war wound on her forhead but she is starting to walk more. Hope everyone else's day is oging fabulous. We cleaned all day and took loads of trash and juck to the dump again today. Getting things done before i go back to school. I'm feeling less stressed now. My blood pressure was running high before and i stopped taking hte medicine for the last few days. I think it has been about 5 days. Anyway i took my blood pressure today and it was 112/77. Not too bad. It's under 120/80 so that's what i was shooting for. So I'm going to bingo tonight as a reward for getting stuff cleaned and having lower blood pressure. HAHA..And my little girl is walking! YEAH Oh i should add that her nose isn't really runny this just fappened to be right after it happened and she had been crying..

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Anonymous said...

awwww Lilly doesn't look happy at all! But then again I would not be to happy if I had hit my head! That is great that she is walking more!