Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday Monday..

It doesn't really feel like a monday to me. I don't have class on monday's. I just go Tuesday, wed, and thursday. So today I went in to the lab anyway to practice IV's, pumps, and blood draws with another girl i know. I may go back tonight if i get a few minutes. I met allan for lunch after i did all my other school business( paid tuition, got a new student id, bought a lab kit, bought a new scrub top, filed my gi bill stuff, etc) Lilly was excited to see her daddy. It makes me so happy to see her love him. She is such a mama's girl but when allan is home a bunch she gets to be really happy playing with him. I think cause he takes time and wrestles with her and stuff. It's just blesses me to see both of them loving each other.
I came home after lunch and spent the afternoon cleaning up the house.. well not really cleaning just catching up on stuff. I had dishes to do and laundry. So lilly just woke up from her nap so i'll just end it here. We had a wonderful weekend with a nice fish fry at my friend tasha's house. Lots of fun. All of us girls got together and played bingo too.. fun fun. here comes the week now..

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