Monday, August 10, 2009

Well today was much better than yesterday!

Yesterday was just one of those days but today went pretty smoothly. I got alot accomplished. I did the first coat on the two remaining walls in the basement and if lilly goes down early enough i might get the secon coat put on too. I also got some laundry done, had lunch with mom, switched the play room and the guest bedrooms around..( that was some furniture moving). Lilly threw a couple tantrums but all in all has been pretty sweet. We headed over to suprise my mom with some dinner and flowers. So we were all sitting out in the back yard and saw nolan and liz walking by pushing a ton of strollers.. lol. so i went out and said hello to all the kido's. I found a sitter for thursday night so i think i'm going to go into work and try to pick up a shift before allan gets home on thursday. what else?? oh we are having a barbque tomorrow. yum. I'm doing hamburgers but everyone else is bringing something. It's a whole group of girls from my nursing class. That sould be lots of fun. OH and i went to bingo last night for a break. I won 240 bucks and muffy went with me and she won 254 bucks so we were winners. always more fun when you win!! Oh and my step dad is coming in to town on friday or saturday. That should be fun to see him some more.
So i'm feeling tons better and up to getting stuff done and taking on the world. haha.

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