Wednesday, August 19, 2009


We have been super busy still. Lilly hasn't been feeling the hottest still. We went to glenrock the other day and checked out their town and parks. Lilly had fun throwing the ball into the creek and letting snickers (byron's dog) go fetch it in the water. She just squealed with pure delight. lol.
Yesterday we went to check out the shooting range and then on to alcova lake. Snickers did some more swimming and then we came back home stopped by the vegetable stand instead of going to the farmers market. Made some dinner then we went and visited mom for a bit and went and saw my friend carissa's house. She painted all of her rooms. Looked nice. Then came back home again. We have just been going and going it seems. I'm almost looking forward to school so that i don't have to go nearly as much. Yeah right.. lol
Today i'm cooking a red white and blue cake. We will see how it turns out before i post any recipes. It looked fun so we are trying it. We are having a little barbque tonight with just my family. MOm, aaron, byron, lilly, and i are cooking a pork loin, corn, beans, potatoes, and the cake is for desert. yummy. Lilly just needed to stay put today and get over whatever it is that she has gotten this time. It may just be another tooth this time. I think he bottom ones are coming up. the incisiors or whatever they are called.. the third ones out from the front?? anyone know what those are called.. lol
anyway hope everyone is having a nice week. we are!

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Jennifer said...

I know that feeling of going non stop! I don't think it ever stops LOL On Lilly's teeth...the ones directly next to the front 2 are the incisors, the one next to that is the canine. Hopefully it comes in quick. Sucks teething!