Wednesday, August 5, 2009

quick update..

lilly ended up throwing up and her temp stayed above 102 so i decided it was best to take her in. I didn't want to because her regular doctor is gone all week so i knew we were gonna have to see a fill in. We ended up having doc green. He was a very nice older pediatrician. I thought he did wonderfully.he said her ears were fine but when he looked at her throat it looked to red.. so rapid strep test. Turns out she has strep throat. This amazes me because i have never had this. Neither has allan or liz i was informed. So poor thing got it somewhere and i'm starting to see a trend.. i'm thinking it was daycare but not 100% on that. Jacob was also sick over here on saturday. he said he was freezing which makes me think he had a fever so i'm now wondering what his other symtoms were.. hmm gonna have to call holly and find out. Anyway allan is picking up her antibiotics right now and i'm hoping she can perk up in the nxt 24 hours. we will see i guess. keep her in your prayers if you think about her! ;-)

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