Monday, August 17, 2009


Have you all checked out pandora music. I just googled it. It's really neat from what i have found. You can type in the name of an artist or just pick a certain type of musci and it will make play lists for you. So far i have liked all the songs on my made up play list. YOu all should check it out if you like listening to music. I love having music on myself. It keeps me going doing chores or what not.. lol. I think i might take byron out to the lake today. We were gonna head to thermopolis but lilly kept me up again all night. She was having a little trouble pooping yesterday and well that makes for a bad night. She is fine this morning though. So we may head to the lake instead cause it's closer and still fun. It's not scorching hot either so that is good. Last night i went to bingo and won 120 bucks. I cooked a good dinner for allan, aaron, and byron. The boys ate it up. We had a good salad with fresh cucumbers in it. I just love cucumbers chopped up in a salad. We had chicken and potatoes too but my salad was just awesome.. lol..Allan leaves today for houston. He comes home at lunch to grab his bag and go to the airport. he got some good painting done down stairs it isn't done but it's alot closer. I have no idea why this room is taking so long but i think it's just cause we are too busy. lol.. and it's summer.. what happens when school starts on tuesday next week. YIKEs.

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