Sunday, August 2, 2009

it never slows down..

Well we had a yardsale on saturday. Sheww i forgot how much work is put into one of these things. It's tough! lol. We did pretty good getting rid of all the junk around here. Anything we didn't sell went over to muffy's for her yardsale on friday. Our babysitter is back in town so i signed up to work some shifts at work. I actually get to work with some girls i know so that will be fun. I"m working monday, wed and thursday. Gotta earn some extra money for our vegas trip, or carpet, or tuition lol. I was so tired after the yardsale. I think the heat just did me in. So i sat at home with lilly last night and watched two movies. I was tempted to make myself a tall stiff drink, but i knew it would [ut me right to sleep and little lilly wasn't tired at all so movies it was. lol. i found out in alabama that i liked to drink malibu and pineapple. it's pretty yummy! ( for those of you that are worried right now you should know that i can count on one had how many times i drink in a year lol) Anyway, today i thought i would still be recovering from the yardsale but i actually woke up energetic and so i started painting in the basement again. two walls now have color on them and the ceiling is done. I'm not the best painter so allan will have to fix my mess ups but it's moving along again which is good. i may go back down there when lilly takes her nap. Mom came and watched her this morning so i could go down and paint . lilly is looking sleepy right now so i may be headed back down there sooner than later.
I went to lunch with mom and kim. Lilly had alot of fun playing with everyone's drinking straw. we went to lime leaf. It was way spicy today though. my lips were burning lol. Okay i have to go move lilly to her crib. See you!

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Jennifer said...

I am not a big drinker either...literally like 2 or 3 times a year that I have a drink...but yeah malibu and pineapple is my drink of choice! Love it! And what is this about the heat doing you in LOL try it here! I got in the pool today and it was too hot in the water! The water was seriously too hot to stay in! Ugh I hate AZ summers LOL