Friday, October 9, 2009

Its a winter wonderland out there..

It says that we are suppose to get between 2-5 inches of snow. Now I have no idea about measuring snow cause i always think we have more or less than what we have but i think we are leaning more towards 4 or 5 inches.. just my guess. Everything is covered out there and the streets are getting there too. Lilly and I went out this morning to get some groceries and go pay my tuition at school. There wasn't anything on the roads then. WE had fun shopping at walmart. She was actually pretty good. I think cause i gave her a little snack to eat and she was hungry. Yes i bribe her to behave in the store. lol..
I found fun barretts for halloween, and i got her a pumpkin to put her candy in, and a little pumpkin flashlight cause she likes to make buddah chase the light all over the house. Then we got the rest of our groceries and stocked up on some more socks cause lilly didn't have too many her size. She wore her winter boots out and she has just been amazed with the snow all day. Everytime i open a door or window to peek out there she squeals and comes running over to look too. I guess she doesn't really remember the snow from last year. Why do i even say last year.. it only quite snowing a couple months ago. lol.
Tonight Liz is going to watch Lilly for us so allan and I can go try a new spot.( thank you liz) It seems that everyone has been to this place but us. It's called "vintage". I hear they have really fun drinks like cheesecake something with gram cracker around the edge of the cup.. i don't know but we are going to go see what the fuss is about. lol It's our late anniversary date.
Other than that there isn't much going on. I think allan got his christmas vacation approved. I think he is taking the 20th thru the 28th off... I better check and make for sure that is what he told me. It was late last night and i could have dreamed it. ( dont laugh.. i was so tired) I wish lilly didn't have such a cough. She is finally not having a runny nose for once but she does have a cough.. This congestion just needs to go somewhere. If she felt better i'd go pull her on her baby sled. At this rate that might be what we have to do for halloween lol.. pull all the kids on sleds. That's different but could be fun. Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Stopping in to say "Hello". Lilly's pictures are so cute! Love, Grammy Sandy

Anonymous said...

Hope Lilly's cough is better. We have gotten over a foot of snow since yesterday. Time to say, "Welcome winter?" It is going to be a long one! Kiss Lilly for us. Love, Grammy Sandy