Monday, October 5, 2009

today has wiped me out.. lol

Well allan went into work for about an hour or two this morning. Then came home to get some things done around the house. He was so tired her crawled back into bed for an hour. Lilly and I cleaned up a little and got out the humidifier and put that together. We also put a rail on emma's twin bed cause lilly likes to try to sleep there and she falls out. When allan got up her ran over to liz and nolans to help them with some fireplaces they bought. I guess it ended up being a bigger task than expected because the things were enourmous. Like 400 lbs allan thought anyway. So after allan got home we were out in the yard putting all the stuff up in the shed getting ready for winter because ... yes... we are expecting some more snow .. already! do you hear my words dripping with enthusiasim? lol.. Yeah i'm not excited about that at all. i guess better to drink hot chocolate in..
So after that we headed to menards after taking some measurments and ended up at homedepot cause they were way cheaper. We bought a door for the laundry room down stairs. It was 65 bucks at menards and the same door was 44 at home depot. So allan is putting in doors and lights down stairs. It's looking more like a room all the time. We didn't do any of the painting that we were suppose to do. Oh well.. eventually and i don't think there is much more to do. Just the corners. So once all that is done we are gonna start looking at carpet for down there again. ;-) i'm excited. I really want to get that room done so i can have a good study area before we have to take all our finals. That is around the begining of December. So we need to get a move on it!Lilly just got out of the bathtub so we are gonna cuddle up and watch some tv cause i'm exhuasted

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