Sunday, October 25, 2009

study study study all day long..

Well this weekend has been short. I studied with the girls on friday. Allan got called out yesterday right after we got to muffy's for a party and poker. So we had to leave so i came home and hung out with meghann watching creepy movies cause it's halloween time.. why not?? HAHA. So allan got back home really late last night and this morning we got up went to johnny j's for breakfast. YUMMY! love their 3.99 breakfast special. Then we came home and did mre laundry and fixed some things around here. Allan headed to the gym and I called meghann to come back and study. We studied for about an hour or 2 and called it quits. Watched our chargers kick kansas butt!! woohoo. We are now just hanging out watching tv. Lilly is taking a nap so it's a nice relaxing snow day. Yep we have snow again! yuck!! Tuesday i have another big test. It's over cardiovascular problems like heart attacks, heart blocks, heart defects, etc.. intense. I so don't wanna work with hearts when i become a nurse. Anyway hope everyone is having a very nice weekend. We are it just seemed to go by way to fast.

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