Sunday, November 30, 2008

winter wonderland

Road closed Pictures, Images and PhotosWell we got up this morning at 5 to take Emma to the airport in denver to go home. We discovered a winter wonderland. It really wasn't that bad and we planned ahead with plenty of time to go slowly. We made it 3 out of the 4 hour drive and then we ran into a closed interstate. I don't think the conditions were that bad. I think the colorado drivers were that bad. LOL.. Anyway after waiting a while it started snowing and we were scared that we would get stuck in the middle not being able to head north or south so we turned around and headed home. We rescheduled her flight for this thursday when i am out of school and the weather should be better then. We will keep our fingers crossed on that though. LOL. So Emma gets to stay a few more days than i thought she would. Which is fine by me cause her trip was really short anyway. Mom took emma out to the mall for an hour. I think she just wanted to pal around with her for a bit. HEHE.. So when she gets back I'm going to take her to bingo tonight. They let 5 year olds and up come in so I'm going to take her. However, I'm going prepared. She will have her coloring books, DVD player with new tinkerbell movie, and if all else fails they let the kids play kiddie bingo for prizes. I'm not sure if she could do her numbers but i think she could probably with some help. So wish me luck we are having a big girls night out. LOL.. Allan is going to stay at home and watch lilly and sunday night football.
Anyway hope everyone is doing well and recovering from all the turkey and shopping.. lol

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