Friday, August 5, 2011

camping at patagonia lake

Yes I'm blogging from the tent. Lol cell phones are the craziest invention aren't they? We got here around 1pm and we put up both tents. We were a little suprised about the campgrounds. Just very close camp sites. Not very shaded and it was so stinking hot. We went straight to the beached off area to swim after the tents were set up. We swam for about 10 minutes and then it started raining. Not pouring just a light sprinkling. It cooled everything off but lasted pretty much all day into the evening. We still cooked hotdogs and made smores. We also took the girls fishing. Its a beautiful spot. They have boat in campsites that are only accessible by boats. Its neat you can see them across the water. Anyway we plan on fishing more tomorrow and swimming and probably renting a paddle boat to go explore. The girls have their bug barns to fill. Goodnight from campsite 94.

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