Thursday, August 25, 2011

what a good girl i have!

Allan got off work this am and we set off on our day. Poor guy is tired tonight. He had a dental apt and found out he needs a deep cleaning but had no cavaties. So we got that scheduled. I got groceries while he was at the dentist so we unloaded those and stocked the house back up. Then we went to a bbq place and ate. It was really yummy and in downtown gilbert which we love. It has all these old buildings and houses. After that we headed to lilly's dental apt. She complained of her toothe hurting last night and i called today cause it has been a little over a year since she went in. Last time she went to the dentist it was a nightmare. She did fine but she had so many cavaties they had to knock her out she ended up with a mouth full of silvercaps and white caps and her back teeth sealed. I was nervous to say the least about going back this time. I had been prepping her for the dentist for a while though cause i knew she was overdue. They had a last minute cancel and took her in today. So i was so suprised. The lady came out and asked her a couple questions and lilly took her hand and walked back without me to get xrays. I was listening around the corner to their chatter. It was cute she kept telling the lady she was 6 and emma was 3. ( so apparently we need to work on the age concept). I thought they would come get me in the waiting room when they were done with xrays but after a few minutes nothing was happening.. I went and asked if she was done with the pictures. they said i could go on back. She was already laid out on the chair with the rag across her chest talking to the lady and letting her look in her mouth. I was so impressed. I went and sat on the end of her chair and patted her leg but she was completely relxaed and didnt care at all. I could tell she got a bit nervous when they broke out the power tools to gloss her teeth but she opened up and let them. Then they flossed her and washed out her mouth and used the suction thing. The dentist came in to take a peek at the xrays then checked out the spot she was saying hurt her. He put the mirror in and a little poke around and said no cavaties he could see and that she had excellent hygeine. WOW!!! they said they would like to see her every 6 months so of course i apologized for being so late but she had a clean bill and no problems at all. They gave her stickers and a new toothbrush and toothpaste and a little floss stick which she carried around with her in a bag for the rest of the day telling everyone about her big dentist trip. ;-) she is growing up.. sniff sniff. I was really proud of her though. They kept talkign about how adorable she was and she kept making them giggle. It was a very pleasant trip compared to the last time that was just plum nerve racking. i went and visited mom and aaron after the dentist so lilly could share her good girl story. Mom is having a b day party. All her swimming pool pals are coming over for a potluck and to celbrate her birthday that just passed. So happy late birthday again to LALA and to PAPA Wade also. I still think it's funny that you to have the same birthday down to the year. I'm having an off year on birthdays and occasions. Most years i'm really great at sending out cards or presents but this year I kinda took a break. Maybe I'll start again next year. who knows. WE just have a lot going on this year right now so we will see. But I did want to say happy birthday and i was thinking about you all.
Tomorrow we have a one year home inspection. I guess they come and look for any flaws in the major areas. cracks and roof and insulation etc.. We have a landscaper coming by early in the morning. We are trying to get one set up for later on. They are pretty cheap out here so it always seems like a good deal. I don't mind mowing but I hate after i chop the bushes having to pick up all the dead stuff and i hate scorpions and i'm always afraid i will find one during that so the yard guy makes it look easy he has all the right tools and just blows the stuff out.
Lilly has a new show. Do you all remember the show " perils of penelope pitstop" ? it's an oldie. SHe is in LOVE with it!! calls it her " girl show" she knows all the names to the characters and wants to watch it all the time. haha. I had to record some episodes because it only comes on once a day at like 930pm. Guess it isn't a big hit with kids these days. But it's right up her alley with traps and a car named chugaboom and the hooded claw( villian) she loves traps right now. SHe tries to trap everything. THis girl just lights up for this show. she starts laughing and smiling and yelling out things. too funny. So anyway i mayhave to google some penelope pitstop things and see if i can find anything for a bday present and hope she still likes it in december. Anyway it's nighty night time for me. See you all later.

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