Tuesday, March 30, 2010

howdy do..

Well today was nice. Tomorrow i find out my delegation spot. I have to schedule 4 12 hour shifts with a nurse to end my clinicals. by the 4th one i should be doing th ewhole work load. yikes.. lol.. this is what we prepare for though right..??
Today i bought lilly paints. her first set of water colors. I think they cost 98 cents and the sketch pad was 1.89 but oh boy for under 3 bucks there is just tons of fun! she hasn't quit playing wiht them since i gave them to her. I have pictures of her but i haven't downloaded them cause i just took them. She loves dipping her paintbrush and she has made the paints all look brown but she doesn't seem to mind at all.
Allan is downstairs doing his homework. He went to the dentist today.. guess what??? yep he had 4 cavitys.. haha! so i'm still the winner. My filling doesn't even feel like it's there today and i've let people look in there and they cant even tell what tooth has the filling. So great job by the dentist.
I"m about to start some laundry and i think i'm calling it an early night. We stillhaven't heard anything about the texas job yet. We are suppose to know more tomorrow for sure but i'm not holding my breath. I think until allan just does the interview with the company we won't know anything.
Anyway I'm off to start some chores.

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