Sunday, April 4, 2010

What a wonderful Easter. hope everyone else had a great one. I woke up to the smell of toast and eggs and bacon.. yum ! My wonderful husband cooked me breakfast without even being asked. What a guy huh? lol We got cleaned up and went to church after breakfast. It was a pretty good service. We came home and decided to skip eggs since lilly has been hunting eggs for about 3 weeks now.. (thank you granma lala) So allan cleaned both of our cars out cause it was really pretty out. Lilly and i cleaned some and i painted some stuff around here. There's always an abundance of stuff that needs painted around here. We are planning on showing the house to someone tomorrow afternoon and cleaning out the garage. Then allan is going to drywall the rest of the stairs ( the backside). If he gets it all done then friday night we are going to go take a trip to thermompolis and maybe to the riverton casino. Or deadwood.. we haven't decided. lol. We are going on an overnight date cause allan leaves on the 13th. that's coming up soon..
anyway i think i need to go call it a night soon. WE had a big dinner of meatloaf mashed potatoes and macn cheese for lilly and i'm so full i could pop so time for the couch and soem movies.. or allan's homework yuck!!

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