Monday, April 19, 2010

allan starts his job today.

Allan starts his job at the steel mill this morning. He said it took about twenty minutes to get there from the apartment without traffic.we are hopinh that he will find out his schedule today so we could start planning on when he is coming back up here to help me pack and go to graduation.
Yesterday I showed the house myself. Lol yep lilly waved at two men in a truck cause they were going really slow and they pulled over. We were outside on the step at about 1pm. Meghann was here too. They got out to get a flier and said they had seen it on the mls and were doing a drive by so I said want to look. They were suprised that I offered but took me up on it. They liked that there was parking on the side of the house cause the man had a lot of fourwheelers and stuff. I normally wouldn't have invited anyone in but it was the middle of the day and I had a friend here that could watch lilly and call the police if she needed too.. Haha.
We got the yard all mowed and weedeated too. It was so pretty out. I took lilly to the park and she had a blast. She swang and did the big slides. Allan sent me a picture on my phone last night and I showed lilly and she got the cutest big smile on her face. She wanted to "hug" my phone so I thought let see if she will talk to him then. So we called him and she had a whole little conversation with him. Told him "hi dad" and "love you dad" and told him about the cats we saw outside and that she was "going nite nite"! It was just so darn cute cause usually she never talks on the phone. We are going to make a trip to the post office later this morning and mail off a birthday present or two. Which reminds me.. Liz I got your phone call but it was after 8 which meant after 9 there so I didn't call back. Thank you for the birthday wishes. So besides the trip to the post office we aren't doing much today. Going to enjoy some more nice weather and hopefully get my arizona state board liscensing papers in today.
Have a good one you all!

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