Tuesday, April 6, 2010

what a day.

well it's official today i was the angel of death... well that's what it felt like. I have had pretty healthy patients up to this point i guess. Well none of them were knockin on deaths door anyway. Today both of my patients passed away. One was already brain dead when i came onto the floor ..( i was in ICU) we had to talk to her family and they decided it was time to pull the plug. The other lady was stable when i got there and ended up crashing later that day. It was a tough one. the one lady had a 14 year old daughter there. Tough Tough some how i managed thru it and didn't cry like i baby liek i felt like doing. anyway that was my day. I have to go back to icu tomorrow so i'm hoping i don't have a sign on me that says please die while i'm here.. I can't handle much more of it this week.

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Jenn said...

I could not do it! It makes me want to cry when I hear about people dying on the news or when I see people die on TV (and those are not real people!) I would have lost my mind. Granted I am a big baby, but still LOL