Saturday, April 17, 2010

delegation is half way done!

Boy are these puppies tired! Yep my poor feet hurt but my spirits are high. I've been taking my own patients. Yep I had two the first day and ended up bored and helping the nurse a lot. Today I took three and was pretty busy but still had time to help other people out here and there. My nurse kept telling me what a great job I was doing and that she felt comfortable letting me do everything on my own. If I had questions I would go find her and ask but other than a little bit of computer charting that I didn't have acsess to I did it all. She told the instructor that she was amazed with how well I took charge and got things done! ;-) and that she didn't doubt that I could take her whole load by the fourth shift. The instructor told her I shouldn't have more than 4 patients at a time. They said nee grads usually only get two or three the first while anyway. So I feel good about it. I even talked to a bunch of doctors. They were really nice by half way thru the day people were calling my hospital phone to give me reports on my patients instaed of calling the nurse over me. :-) anyway so its going good. Lilly told me a whole story about stuff when I got home today. So we hung out.and she blabbed and blabbed. She just talks so much now. Allan had emma down in phoenix todaym they swam in the pool cause it was 95 or something ridiculous. They went to a bird sancutary and saw fish and turtles and who knows what. Then peter piper pizza for dinner and movies. He sounded like he was tired but having a blast with her. I'm beat so I'm going to curl up with lilly and go to bed! Good night everyone.

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Jenn said...

Yeah it was hot this weekend, but Emma had a blast! I did not know they went to peter piper the night before and had him meet me at peter piper so I could pick her up...goober should have told me LOL