Wednesday, April 21, 2010

a short update.

Lilly is sitting on my lap coloring so i canbarely reach the keys to type so this will be short. My delegation is almost over i have one more shift on sat. it is going really well. i took four people and was still somewhat bored at times. lol.. so pretty good. Allan started his job and so far he really likes it. he says there is alot to learn about it butr likes it pretty good so far. I am taking lilly to daycare this afternoon cause i have a test to take and a meeting with one of my instructors that's over my delegation. We also have some errands to run this morning so we are headed out. I think we are goign to try and have an open house on sunday. HOpefully we will get some people in here. It's getting real close to that april 30th deadline for the 8K tax credit. Please pray it will sell soon. Thanks! have a great day everyone!

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