Sunday, August 29, 2010

WE got a new Car!!

WE spent all day and i do mean all day at the dealers yesterday. I had mad e a list of cars that we would like to look at on the lots. We didn't even get out of the car at the first lot we went to . Allan really hates dealers. We then went to san tan honda and its was so weird... We walked in and on the way in we both saw a car that we realy liked and thought was pretty well priced because they had it on sale up front. This car was no where on my list. Either they had just got it and it hadn't made it to the internet or it just wasnt online to look at. Anyway so we met the first dealer that came walking up to us.. and this is where i think it gets a little strange and maybe it was just god looking out for us. lol.. This guy is our neighbor. I mean we told him we just bought a house out in pecan creek south and he said really? where at? we told him and he said he lives exactly across the street from us. So i told him he better not rip us off or we would forever remember it as neighbors... lol. Anyway I will put up some pics in a little bit of what we bought.. Its a VW Jetta. We hadn't looked at any VW's i just haven't known anyone that owns one. But we drove it and it handles awesome. It is also a very fast little car. If i have to work on the other side of town it won't be a problem getting there now. I just really love it and want to thank my husband for providing so well for all of us! He is out in my new car right now or i'd take a picture. lol.. I have a feeling i'm not going to be able to keep him out of it. He says he is too tall or those little cars but he is out driving it today while his truck sits in the shade.. lol.

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Anonymous said...

they're good cars, from what little i know of them. i'm sure you'll love it!