Saturday, July 19, 2008

The birthday Boy!

So Allan's birthday is monday but he is going to have to go back out of town with his job so we are celebrating tonight. We are going out to the movies and then to the wonder bar. This has been a fun thing to do that we never really got to do before. My mom is watching lilly and she said go and stay as long as we want too. Yeah!! So tonight is going to be allan's birthday night. He may want to go to a baseball game instead and i said whatever he wanted to do was fine by me. He is out playing golf today which is his routine thing for birthday's. I'm going to bake him a cake today too. Nothing fancy ( hehe Mi!) But a regular old cake for my OLD MAN. lol He is turning 28 on monday. Wheeww how OLD!. lol I tease him because he is older than me from july till april.

Today mom,aaron,lilly, and I all went yardsaling. Aaron bought an ab lounger for only 25 bucks. I bought a sper comfy over stuffed chair that has an ottoman (sp) with it for only 15. mom bought some real pretty glassware and i found a pair of skates for emma. she outgrew the ones she got from her aunt liz so i found her a pair of real ones that may fit her next summer. I'm going to have to ask what size she is now.. these are size 1s? they were 50 cents so if they dont work oh well.. Anyway our concert in the park was fun with our bucket of chicken and i'm looking forward to our date night tonight. yeah!!

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