Monday, July 7, 2008

Food groups

Lilly is doing so good eating. She is always hungry. lol. I don't know how she can be in the 25% for weight cause this little girl puts away the food. Today I went to pizza hut and got the salad bar. It's fast and easy not to mention healthy while i'm out doing errands. Anyway I've been letting lilly taste things. She loves just about everything. She had a little pudding which she devoured. She gnawed on cucumbers which i like cause they don't break up in her mouth too easy. She loved the lemons. lol.. She gnawed on a carrot stick. Loved the applesauce. Had a couple pieces of cheese that was shredded real fine for salads. I'm telling you she loves everything. I have to be careful though because she is getting a taste for real food and it might be affecting her taste for baby food. haha.

We are getting things done around here. I mailed off a bunch of birthday cards and presents along with some anniversary cards. I like to mail all of them for the month at the same time. Some people get them very early but at least they get them. WE got another present that i ordered for allan. It was something i ordered online and it arrived today. Yeah! Allan is out of town again today. He may be home tonight or tomorrow. Dont know really. Lilly and I are going to go downtown to the parade with friends tomorrow. We have new friends and her husband is a cop and is directing traffic so we are going to go down there and harrass him lol.. She has two kids too so it will be fun.

WE got a ton of clothes from Muffy. She passed down a lot of jordan's clothes and she doesn't want any of them back. Yeah.. she keeps all the sentimental ones and passes the rest. I guess alot were passed to her from Keri. It's a nice circle to be in though. lol. Lilly got some cue new outfits and a ton of dangling toys and even some baby food that jordan wouldn't eat. lol.

We had to run out and exchange a pair of pants for allan. I bought him two new pairs of heavy duty jeans from workmans warehouse. The wranglers fit really good but the carharts wouldn't go over allan's bubble butt. lol. So we took them back and got another pair of wranglers. Allan wears a weird size cause his waist is skinny but his legs are long. So it's usually hard to find jeans that fit him. They usually aren't long enough. This place has his size always. Yeah.. The only bad thing is they are WORK pants. They sure don't have stylish ones. lol..

We got an estimate on our basement. We are adding a bedroom down there very soon. The estimate from the guy in the paper came back about 600 dollars higher than we thought it was going to be. So we have a friend named Milk who is a construction guy. He does alot of fencing these days but he does good work. He is the one remodeling jason and muffy's house when they start doing thier basement. Anyway he is coming over in a few minutes to look over their estimate with me and tell me how much they are ripping me off. lol.. If he can beat the deal and has the time to fit us in then we will go with him. We would rather hire someone we know anyway. (Mi, i can't help but think of your recent roofing job while i write this and wonder what i'm getting into myself.. teehhee) Allan is going to do the electrical work down there but we just want someone to frame it and put up the sheet rock. We plan on adding two bedrooms, a big bathroom and laundry room (joining), and a big family room down there. I think we will carpet the family room but the bedrooms and bath are going to be whatever kind of cheap flooring we can find. There is just over 900 sqft down there in the basement so i'm sure we have room to add all these things. Technically we can't call the rooms "bedrooms" because they are suppoe to have like a 4x4 window to be considered a bedroom. They have windows just smaller ones. lol.. I don't care. We are going to put beds in them and have people sleep there soooo they are bedrooms. lol.

Anyway my girl is waking up from her nice little nap. Guess i'm going to go play with her a bit. She is doing so good though. She has been sitting up against the couch with hardly touching it. ;-) she can sit up but she doesn't focus after a second and falls to the left or right. lol.. Plus she locks her legs alot like her cousin jake did. She gets so excied when she does something new though. haha She can hold her bottle for a few minutes at a time and she loves it . She takes it in and out of her mouth a zillion times while smiling. haha and she has been taking a few steps in her walker. Mostly she just jumps up and down on her feet and if it moves she laughs and squeals. lol She is just starting to be so much fun. She really is getting her little personality. The only thing i'm hating is that she has been screaming when i walk out of the room. She gets so mad when i leave her in one room and go into another. She will be in the walker in the living room and i go around the corner to the kitchen and she starts screaming. it's ridiculous!

Anyway gotta run

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Good luck with the basement job. Shoo!