Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tuesday- terrible 6 month old.. lol

Yep it's official lilly has turned into a spoiled brat. lol Not really but i think she has figured out that if she cries really loud i'll just about do anything to get her to stop. All day today if she has wanted something she would scream bloody murder. SSSSOOOOO Annoying. Allan has been gone. He had to stay out of town the last two days. His boss went on vacation though so he should pretty much be home most of the week and i'm crossing my fingers and hoping for this weekend. I think he will be but you never know. Lilly is discovering foods. she has been eating biter biscuits for a while but now she has moved up to those apple tasting pinwheel things. She doesn't do well with picking up the tiny puffs yet but the pinwheels are easy for her to hold and she loves to chew them or lick them till they are gone. lol. I have been giving her little tidbits of all kinds of stuff when i'm eating. today she got a taste of a popsicle. She loved it then turned into the monster child screaming at me cause i wouldn't give her anymore. I don't know where she gets this temper from.. lol.
Tomorrow is her 6 month check up. We tried to weigh her at home to se how much she weighed. we think she is right around 14 1/2 lbs. We looked it up on a site and it said she was in the 25% if that is the case. Hard to believe that one so i'm going to go with what the doctor says tomorrow. She looks like a chunky monkey to me. hehe. her little cheeks are so fat and her little legs have rolls but i guess i could be wrong. I thought she would be in like the 80% last time and she was 50% for everything.. We'll see tomorrow.
We are getting some estimates on the basement. We want to find out how much it would be for someone to put some walls up down there. We can do all the work ourselves but with allan's new job he just doesn't have anytime to work on it. I'm an okay painter i guess but i don't have the foggest about building walls. lol. So we know a guy that does all kinds of jobs like that so he is going to come by and let us know what he would charge for a least a bedroom down there and maybe the whole thing. We also called a guy out of the paper just to see the difference in the two. We need to get some more rooms going on around here.
My brother aaron is now coming instead of byron. We just aren't sure about him flying and well there are other issues going on too so my brother is coming up with mom now. My friend carissa is going to drive with me down to denver both days. I thought that was really nice of her she switched her days at work so she could go with me. I was worried about Lilly. They are coming and leaving on weekdays so i have to take lilly or leave her with a sitter. I don't really want to leave her with anyone for 8 hours at least. So i'm going to take her but i was worried cause for half the drive it was going to be just me and her in the car and if she starts freaking out i wouldn't be muchhelp if i'm driving. So that was a problem solved when carissa said she would go. I thought she might just do one trip with me but she got off both days to go both times. Really sweet. I sure haven't known these friends for that long but her and lynn have been answers to prayer. I really think god puts people in our lives for seasons. I'm glad it's their season. I sure don't know what i would do without those girly's. I haven't made too many friends in wyoming but the ones i have made a pretty great!I'm looking forward to nursing school just because i'm excited to meet some new friends again. I think i met the one guy that is in the program. lol.. He was at the scrub store the other day when i was. I was getting an idea how much some good scrubs would be and he came in doing the same thing. I have to say he didn't seem like the sharpest tool in the shed. I'm not trying to be mean but it encouraged me somewhat. lol
anyway my little one is in bed and I'm headed in that direction. One tired mama here. I'll post about Lilly's appointment tomorrow.

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