Tuesday, July 1, 2008

another quick tidbit

FSBO SignI forgot but i got excited today because we finally got a good CMA done on our house. We wanted to know what our house was worth now that we have done work to it. WE figured that it couldn't of went up much just because we have only lived here for a year now. We thought it might have went up 5-7 grand.. maybe.. They came back and said at the high end it is now worth 22k more than we paid for it and at the low end it is worth 15 more. YEahhhh..!! I don't think we are selling just yet. Gotta finish the basement and hopefully school too but It was encouraging to know that it is worth quie a bit more than we paid for it. Hopefully the market will keep going up around here. Who knows though. The rest of the country isn't looking too good. I do however know that last year there was only 200 or so houses on the market at this time of year and this year there is like 600 so.. might be hard to sell but we are waiting anyway so who knows where it will be when we actually do sell. Just thought about it so I wanted to share. ;-)

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Jennifer said...

Way cool about the house! Question...How do you change your background on here....I can't seem to figure it out LOL Heeellpp!!