Friday, October 28, 2011

pumpkin carving

allans ghost pumpkin

my face. it has two teeth.

the girls made a cat bat with a little help

allan hard at work

emma hard at work

dad got out the power tools.. yes he really did.

lilly kept telling him that he was cheating.

she ended up touching the pumpkin "guts" but it took her a while to give in.

it really is time for a new camera, I'm asking santa for one this year. Mine is just no good. I hate not being able to capture good pictures. But stay tuned we are going to the farm tonight for some good family fall fun. More blurry crappy pictures to follow lol.

1 comment:

Nicolle said...

That looks like fun, and I love how the pumpkins turned out. I am still not brave enough to carve pumpkins with Boyd. Maybe, hopefully, next year. :)