Friday, October 21, 2011

Doctor visits, family time, pictures

Well this morning was my ultrasound and i know i had a very nice happy ten things that i was happy and thankful for before this post bt i'm going back to my grouchy miserable self right now.. lol. Okay for those of you that know me you know i'm not that miserable but i can be grouchy. Today set the mood early. I woke up and started guzzling water cause it was my ultrasound day. I had about an hour so i thought i better start putting away the water. i put a bunch down my throat got dressed tried hard not to pee and went downstairs to ge tmy keys and hope if i got there a bit early i would get to go in quickly and then get to pee.. you ladies that have had early ultrasounds have to know what i'm talking about. being pregnant you have to pee always anyway and having someone tell you not to pee makes it worse but when you have to fill your bladder on top of all that.. well it's almost impossible i have found. Anyway as i'm getting my keys i hear a message on my phone and it's the doctors office calling to say the doctor ( like all OB doctors) is still in surgery and they have to move my apt till an hour from now.. ughh!! Anyway I decide to just get in the car go get some breakfast and a sprite to keeep drinking and do some thinking in their parking lot. I like moments to gather my thoughts randomly. Well.. while i was in the parking lot I got an email from the senior faculty chair of the nursing dept at the school i am attending. It said that I needed to contact my instructor immediately and make a plan and that she expected me to not be disrespectful to her new instructors and to show them the same respect i had showed her.. ( i had like 8 classes with her when i first started the college).. I was slightly confused ( still am).. So i called her cell phone ( yes we are pretty much on first name basis after this semester). She answered and I started with.. " i have no idea what is going on and why do i need to call ( i would have loved to insert some choice names) instructor?" she said she didn't really know wha tth eproblem was either but that she was asked to " talk" to me. I think she knew i was getting fed up with the conversation because we quickly came up with a plan that was for me to write " a nice" email asking the instructor what exactly she would like me to do or fix. BASICALLY WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM? I sent her an email 3 days ago asking if she would be grading any of my papers that i had turned in on like the 8th. I figured 10 days was pretty sufficent grading time considering i'm the only student in the freaking class. anyway she never responded to my nice email about when she might grade them but today i got that senior faculty email. I think it's bs if you have a problem maybe you should discuss whatever the problem is with the student. I seriously don't know what has set this lady off but this is like the 3rd time and I am only on week 5 with her. come one give it a rest!!! So needless to say i wrote the nice email asking what the crap her problem is LOL>. She still hadn't responded and I wrote the senior faculty lady again and said i had gotten no response and i don't know what her deal is i'm not being disrespectful but i'm 30 and a nurse not 5 and in trouble in kindergarten.. please.. Anyway i told her that i wouldn't be dropping this class so that teacher could give me bad grades on my work if she wanted to but i have a 98.8 in the class and have turned in assignments only 1 was late due to a time zone difference ( i turned it in late the night it was due and apparently it counted it for the next day instead of before midnight on the due date).. but even with that my grade is fine.. so what in the world. She told me to notify her immediatly if i didn't hear a response from the instructor within 48 hours. She also said i would not be getting any points deducted for any of that.

SOOOO i went in to my ultrasound and they took my bloodpressure.. guess who's was high? lol mine. I told them I had gotten pretty ticked off before i walked in. ;-) ooppsie..

So they said my bleed is still there. I could see it this time. They said it hasn't improved but it hasn't gotten worse either. It's 1.6cm by 1.08 cm roughly. They did however say that I'm still to be on pelvic rest for 2 more weeks and they want another ultrasound in 2 weeks. So we get to see alot of the little feller in there.. or sister.. whichever. I could tell it had grown a bit in the last 2 weeks. And i could see little stubby leg and arm thingy's lol. it was moving( probably ticked off like me)

So I am going to work one day this next week. They told me tha ti had vacation and sick time that i could turn in if i wanted to have a paycheck worth looking at. I told them to turn in two days worth so basically i will get 3 days worth of pay this coming payday. woohoo. well i only worked 12 hours so i guess that's nice. I did think it was nice of the staffing lady to check on me and ask if I wanted to turn in any. So i'm working sunday and it should be very slow ( don't jinx myself) Then i have a mandatory nursing meeting on either monday or wed. Not sure which one i will go to yet.

Anyway here are some pictures of the girls goign to the nursery with me. They just love looking at all the flowers. We may be planting a tree or some climbing plants this coming week so we were looking at the selection. The picture of just lilly is her showing off her mario sweatshirt. She loves mario right now. She has been playing video games with her uncle and begs to go play. LOL

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