Sunday, October 30, 2011

dont get comfy..

yes don't get comfy with this background it isn't staying either. I just don't have time to fix things and pick out a different one. I was trying this one and decided nahh.. so we will change it soon but for now it's here even with a ding dong header. lol
what else?? oh baby news for today is that we have names picked out. We have had the girls name for quite some time already so i think we have already told people so i'm going to share it on here. If it's a girl we will name her Olivia grace keyes. If it is a boy well it's a surprise and we aren't really worried about anyone naming their kid the same thing because it's diferent enough but not eccentric. And that's the only clues you get about that. We have another ultrasound on Friday so I'll post how that goes later.
We had a wonderful trip to the schnepf farms. It was fun for all. We rode rides ( by we i mean they) the girls loved the little gravity coaster. We had dinner by one of the stages with a band singing familiar songs by johnny cash and other oldies. The dinner was okay but they had corn on the cob that must have been right out of their fields and it was amazing! i made Allan go back thru the line and get me another piece and i didn't even care that it was overpriced at 3 dollars. lol it was good. ( this baby has me craving all sorts of things, first it was beef jerky at 5 am, then i wanted sweet stuff like slushies and milkshakes, but now it's been veggies like corn and salad. I want a salad all the time.. but I haven't been eating that many of them because I want a salad for a king not just some lettuce in a bowl. haha)
Anyway, the farm was so fun and have i mentioned that lilly is obsessed with mario and luigi? yes she is she loves the video game and picked a video game character for halloween costume. well when we were leaving the farm and the kids were tired and pouting lilly's eyes suddenly lit up and she took off running away from me and i went following her and she was saying " hello mario" one of the boys at the farm was dressed up as mario. SHe went and stalked this kid down saying " hello mario its me lilly" she wanted to hug him and stuff but i don't think he was feeling the same. I think he had a disorder of some sort he had very jerky movements and couldn't stay still but he was friendly and said hello. His family thought it was cute that she was so taken with him. So i let her say hello a few more times before i drug her off out of the farm. HAHA.
And with that note I'm going to sign off of here cause it's my hubby's last night home. He goes to Africa again for a month. So we are going to go have dinner with mom and aaron at san tan flats and relax for a bit. hope everyone has a very fun and safe Halloween. I'll be sure to post pictures later.

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